Organ Donation

April is National Donate Life Month

Every April we celebrate Donate Life Month to shine a spotlight on those saving lives through the gift of donation. “Donate Life America was inspired by bicycles and the phrase “Life is a beautiful ride.” Like the donation and transplantation journey, a bicycle serves as a symbol of progress, renewal and the moving circle of life. We each carry the potential to help make LIFE a beautiful ride for ourselves, and then for others, by registering as a donor, considering living donation, being a caregiver and championing the cause.” said Donate Life America.

To learn more about Donate Life, click here to visit their website.

George Lopez Speaks Out On World Kidney Day

💚💚💚 World Kidney Day 💚💚💚

Watch George Lopez sharing his story Facebook HQ, kicking off their Global Causes Program to raise awareness about Kidney Disease and Organ Donation. During March, National Kidney Month, we'll release a video every few days! Let’s continue raising awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy kidneys during National Kidney Month.

Comedian Kyle Grooms Needs Your Help

A very talented comedian, Kyle Grooms, and friend of George Lopez is in the hospital. He is in Miami Memorial Regional Hospital where he is to have surgery on Thursday, March 14th 2019 to remove a brain tumor. We will know more when the brain tumor is removed, but for now, he is resting in preparations for the surgery. This was unexpected and as of a month ago Kyle ended his insurance. Click here to donate to support him through this very difficult time. He’s an amazing person and a great comic.

Join us in the Fight Against Kidney Disease During National Kidney Month

Your kidney can fail due to build up of waste in the body, damage to the kidneys, anemia as well as build up of fluid in the body. Symptoms can include anything from nausea and vomiting, blood in the urine, fatigue to swelling in the face, feet or hands. To determine if the symptoms you have are because of kidney failure, have your doctor perform these specific tests: 

  1. Urinalysis – check for protein, blood and white blood cells in the urine.

  2. Blood tests – test creatinine and BUN, waste products that healthy kidneys remove from the bloodstream.

Make a contribution today and help us raise awareness about the importance of maintaining healthy kidneys! 

The $5 DOG Wedding Book Drawing Attention to Organ Donation

Lilly, Bernie and Spinner looking adorable 💚💚💚

Lilly, Bernie and Spinner looking adorable 💚💚💚

Very excited to share one of our biggest fans Lilly Smartelli (@thefivedollardogwedding) is featured in the New York Times showing off her awesome book THE $5 (DOG) WEDDING . The book draws attention to organ donation and why it’s so important to support dog shelters. We cannot wait to read it! “By marrying Bernie in a symbolic way, I could draw attention to organ-donor groups and local animal welfare shelters that lack proper funding,” said Lilly. Click here to read Lilly’s story on the New York Times.

Kidney Warrior Spotlight - Kelvin Bell

kelvin bell.jpg

Let's help raise awareness for Kelvin Bell (Hope for Kelvin in Need of a Kidney) who's in need of a O+, O- Kidney Donor. There are over 2,400 people on the donor waiting list in Alabama and the wait time is 7-9 years. His wife Martrece Bell is asking everyone to help them find a donor as his blood type has the longest wait time. 💚💚💚💚